Small Angels

I dreamt of small angels when I was a kid...


Angels represent goodness, protection, and the heavenly realm. As a dream symbol they may attempt to focus the dreamer's attention on their own divine qualities and the supportive and loving aspects.


Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

This is just lovely Flory!~I think of angels often and thank God for their divine protection, as He bids them.,

Thanks for visisting my blog; it means alot to have people pop by!

I haven't been well, yet when I felt well enough yesterday, I invited approximately 40 fellow bloggers to pop by and usually at least a handful will, after I visit them and warmly invite them.

Although this is unusual, as yet not one has visited.., I always try to respond in the affirmative to a fellow bloggers personal invitation..,

I do not judge as they are of course freeto do as they wish and are often busy with so very many other lovely bloggers to visit, as I repect very much so. (Yet after I became ill, ironically and unfortunately for me, though I do not feel sorry for myself, just missing them; now especially, to be visited, would mean so much).~

Ironically, the comments and visits seemed to drop, 'like a rock, almost over night')!..,

I will visit my fellow bloggers as often as I'm able, yet I may have to take 'a blog nap' anyway,until I regain my health; I'll see.

Hugs from Wanda Lee

Costea said...

Beautiful Angels. Superb rear lights.

Hootin' Anni said...

These are terrific. I love how you have them displayed in your home.

Please, drop by my Show n Tell if you can find time. I'd love your company today.